I know this blog has been very silent. I am still here alive and kicking.  It’s taken me a while to get back to a normal routine. I’m getting back to a normal, figuring out what my normal is right now. I’ve decided it’s being domestic. Mother and Wife. Which is fine with me for now. It’s keeping me busy and I am always around for “C” who is “culminating” Pre-k and starting Kindergarten in only 3 months. What will I do with my time?!

Through the hormonal and emotional swings and anxiety attacks, I have struggled to Just Be. Be in the moment and not think too much. I’m getting better and even feeling my old energy coming back which I have forgotten about. I’m happy to have energy, rather than hormonal pregnancy or depression sapping energy. For now I’m happy to achieve just Being. While the hope in the back of my mind sits patiently waiting for its turn to take center stage again.

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