Our ultrasound was not the news we had hoped.  All our positivity couldn’t make Micro Baby grow more.  We did everything right.  Our son is still pleading with us to try again because he really wants a little brother.  After the news all I could think to myself was, I really really wanted a baby.  I really wanted our family of four.

Our 5th loss and we were so confident that we had the right answers.  Only in this case this didn’t follow the pattern like the others.  This one seemed like a run of the mill (if you can call it that) genetic defect, although we don’t know it for sure.  We at least know that the previous one was genetically normal and this one did not develop the way the others did.

Anyway, I’m really trying not to isolate myself and keep up our routine for Colton and keep talking with him as he tries to understand it.

I wish there were more to say.



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