It’s hard to get too excited about it but we are pregnant.  The getting pregnant part is not a surprise to me.  I have fortunately been able to get pregnant very easily.  I really do appreciate those who struggle to become pregnant.  Do you know that this would make our 6th child?  I never thought I would have big family!!  Right now I just focus on my daily routine of handfuls of pills everyday, injection at night and oh Yeah.. Progesterone every night. I’m feeling good though.  Not trying to think beyond more than a week or two.  I just brace myself for week 8 and 9 which comes at the end of December and first week of January.  It always seems to come around when major stuff is happening and that will be a busy week for us.  I am not going to calculate my due date.  I know the doctor will tell me eventually but I will pretend not to know.  But we can look forward to our first ultrasound in December.  I usually dread those and prefer not to look at the screen but this time I think I will appreciate the life of this little one for what time we may have.  I am so thankful for all of my friends who have been understanding and sending me encouragement.  Thanks to all of you!

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