Last night I started my injections of Lovenox.  These are the blood thinner.  I have done these before (briefly last spring) but for some reason the pain of the shots escaped my memory until last night.  These are self injection syringes that go into my belly fat.  It’s not the needle that hurts, it’s the actual liquid inside that stings.  I have to inject it really really slowly or it hurts worse.  I’m fine with doing them except for the 15 minutes that I lay down while it stings the crap out of me. Actually Jesse can’t take it and he doesn’t like to look while I do it. LOL!  The shots cause bruising too.  I’m fine with them really.  I feel like I’m doing something beneficial and proactive.  Though I might complain the longer  I have to do it… 🙂

So I thought I’d share a picture of the syringe.  Then I realized that the picture is really a little bit creepy and it makes me laugh.  See, I have to use an ice pack to numb the spot before I inject and the ice pack is a happy little Curious George.  It just makes me laugh… i don’t know… a little creepy…

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