So I wanted to make this as informative  as I can and produce good references on what I’ve come to learn on this journey.  First off, my OB/GYN did the basic testing looking for Thyroid issues, Diabetes,… and several usual suspects the first go around and produced no explanation.  Her response was hopeful and said the good news is that odds are in my favor for having a successful pregnancy.  Then came miscarriage 2, then 3… I have since learned that the odds are actually against me and continue to go down exponentially with each pregnancy.

In my desparate search I stumbled upon a book that has steered me into the direction of Reproductive Immunology.  It is a book called “Is Your Body Baby Friendly” by Dr. Alan E. Beer  It must have been the fact that the book had on it’s cover “Unexplained” that caught my attention because I am certainly in that category of Unexplained.  I read it with in about a week and I knew I was on the right track.  Since I am one who needs explanation and won’t  just sit back and let “fate” take its course I had to pursue it further.  Armed with my new book I came into my follow up appointment with my OB/GYN and tried to discuss the possibility of Immunological issues at play.  I felt a bit like a lunatic on some hocus pocus rant explaining to her what I’ve learned.  However she patiently obliged me with a series of blood tests looking for immunological issues.  She rattled off the names of tests I have learned about in the book and was very happy she was willing to order them.  Then she wanted to make clear that any testing beyond what she is ordering is just “fishing” and won’t produce any real results and is just needlessly spending money.  Armed with my new knowledge of Immunological disorders I was able to read through the tests and results and mostly comprehend them.  These tests turned up nothing.  Back to the “unexplained” category.  BUT I also learned that these battery of tests are incomplete and don’t tell the whole story.   I will get into the specifics of those tests in another post.  I made the difficult decision to go ahead and go “fishing”.   At this point there was nothing more for my OB/GYN to do except to call her the next time I’m pregnant. I felt really alone on this endeavor with no real direction.  Her suggestion was I go to an Infertility Specialist.  Infertility?  But I don’t have a problem GETTING Pregnant, its STAYING pregnant that I have problem with.  Clearly I was now out of her realm of expertise and it was time I forge my own path.

I will post more information about some specific tests.  In the mean time I have posted a link that has been super helpful to me.  It is a group of very strong women armed with the same knowledge and seeking the same treatments.  These women talk like doctors since they have had to become their own advocates as well.  It’s a very informative group and a good resource.

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