In my research I’ve learned some surprising things that are indicators for Immunology testing.  This list is taken from  That page also begins listing exactly what tests to look for certain conditions.  This is really fascinating stuff and I’ve learned all these new medical terms now and starting to throw them around like a pro.  This list might describe you.

I. Indicators for Immune Testing

The indications are as follows:

(a) two miscarriages or two IVF failures after age 35
or three miscarriages or IVF failure before age 35,
(b) poor egg production from a stimulated cycle (less than 6 eggs),
(c) blighted eggs,
(d) idiopathic (unknown cause) infertility,
(e) previous immune problems (ANA positive, rheumatoid arthritis, and/or lupus),
(f) previous pregnancies that have shown retarded fetal growth, and
(g) one living child and repeat miscarriages while attempting to have a second child.

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